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New Music Introductions

Introducing: Janileigh Cohen

Introducing: Janileigh Cohen

Introducing 21 July 2015

Janileigh Cohen is a singer songwriter from Bolton, UK who recently released her debut EP via Bandcamp ‘As a Child’. I think she’s going to become very well known, have a listen and you’ll hear why.

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Introducing: Low Moor Rising

Introducing 20 July 2015

Listen to the debut single from Low Moor Rising, a Leeds-based folk collective. The trio first got together to record a version of The Seeds of Love in response to Radio 2’s call for submissions in celebration of Cecil Sharp’s 2014 induction into the Hall of Fame.

Introducing New Scottish Duo: Clype (+ Song of the Day)

Introducing New Scottish Duo: Clype (+ Song of the Day)

Introducing 18 June 2015

Clype is an exciting new duo comprised of pianist and singer-songwriter Simon Gall of Salsa Celtica and fidler Jonny Hardie of Old Blind Dogs. Listen to Now My Home, our chosen Song of the Day which also features the low whistle of Ross Ainslie.

Gráinne Brady & Ryan Murphy - The Windmill Set

Gráinne Brady & Ryan Murphy – The Windmill Set

Introducing 12 May 2015

Our Tune of the Day is from an exciting new Irish duo based in Glasgow – Gráinne & Ryan. Together they combine fiddle with uilleann pipes and flute to perform Irish traditional tunes, contemporary tunes as well as their own compositions which together with their regional styles, produces some really great Irish sets, as you can hear.

Introducing: Jiggy (and Tune of the Day)

Introducing: Jiggy (and Tune of the Day)

Introducing 8 May 2015

This is what happens when you have a chat down the pub and decide to mix traditional Irish music with hip hop beats from the 1990s. Meet Jiggy: Daire Bracken (fiddle) Éamonn Galldubh (pipes), Niwel Tsumbu (guitar), Anttoin Bracken (guitar), Robbie Harris (percussion) and DJayzus on decks…and occasional guests including Beatboxer MIC Bandit.

Introducing: Anna and Elizabeth - Song of the Day & UK Tour

Introducing: Anna and Elizabeth – Song of the Day & UK Tour

Introducing 29 April 2015

Our Song of the Day is The Devil’s Nine Questions which is performed by Appalachian ballad-singing duo Anna and Elizabeth, they are on tour in the UK from May. Their Show is a captivating mix of ballads, foot-stomping dance tunes, stories and visual art. They also use what are called crankies to illustrate the song ballads which you can find out about here.

Three Pilgrims - Don't Look Down

Three Pilgrims – Don’t Look Down

Introducing 28 April 2015

I quite literally stumbled across Three Pilgrims this morning and was immediately taken by their studio demo of ‘Don’t Look Down’, so much so it just had to be the Song of the Day on Folk Radio UK. They run a weekly residence at The Eagle on Ladbroke Grove.

Introducing: Melinda West - LA Folk Pop Accordionist

Introducing: Melinda West – LA Folk Pop Accordionist

Introducing 14 April 2015

Melinda West hails from Los Angeles and she’s been making quite a name for herself playing accordion. Inspired by a love of folk, tango and gypsy music she’s creating quite a stir. Check out two of her recent video sessions.

Introducing: ARK

Introducing: ARK

Introducing 14 April 2015

ARK are a new folk music trio featuring Kevin Lees on Fiddle from England, Annmarie Grams on Flute from Germany and Rasmus Nielsen on Piano and Guitar from Denmark. Have a listen to their first demo recordings which sound very promising.

Introducing: Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith

Introducing: Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith

Introducing 20 March 2015

This duo really made my week: Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith are a London/Bristol based duo who play mainly traditional music that originates from the British Isles. They perform on guitar and banjo and together with their great vocal harmonies are an absolute joy to listen to. Their debut album ‘Let the Wind Blow High or Low’ is out now on Fellside Records.

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Introducing: Gitta de Ridder

Introducing 16 February 2015

Gitta de Ridder is a Dutch-English singer, songwriter based in London – watch her latest home-made video for the title track of her new EP ‘Come Find Me’.

Introducing: Top Floor Taivers

Introducing: Top Floor Taivers

Introducing 24 October 2014

Featuring two of this year’s finalists in the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year the Top Floor Taivers are a wonderful four piece who between them hail from Scotland, England and Ireland.