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I founded Folk Radio UK back in 2004, it feels like a lifetime ago now. What started as a simple two page website and radio station (seriously) rapidly grew to become an extensive Music Blog / Webzine and Internet Radio Station along with a great community of reviewers and loyal fans…and my full-time job. Those that have followed us through this incredible journey will know how fanatical we are about the music we cover – Folk, Roots, Americana and more alternative offerings from the fringes – I know from your emails I’m not alone.

2012 saw us extend our reach when the Managing Director of Deezer, the music streaming service, Mark Foster asked us to create a radio channel on their service. That radio channel is now one of their most popular on a service that is accessed by 12 million monthly active users and launches in the US in September 2014. Our album reviews also feature on Deezer giving users a greater insight into artists featured.

2014 is our 10th Anniversary and we intend to take that passion still further: In June 2014 we teamed up with BBC Radio 2 DJ Bob Harris and will feature an artist each month on his Under The Apple Tree sessions, a live session series aimed at showcasing the best musical talent in a unique location. See the video announcement below:

Also coming: The launch of a live monthly Folk Music Night showcasing emerged, emerging, trad, alt, roots, world, Americana and more. More news on this soon. There’s still more to come!

Our extensive coverage and introduction of new music has made us one of the most popular websites in this field which is reflected in our 23.1k followers on Facebook and Twitter and 10.2k followers on Soundcloud. We owe a lot of gratitude to our followers who have helped spread the word.

We have a solid reputation for great content and taste, something that was picked up by the likes of The Guardian who featured us in their G2 supplement on their Radio and TV Guide in 2011. Along the way we have picked up some notable fans including Bob Harris (see above), Mike Harding (BBC Radio 2) who declared “there’s so much stuff on the site that is brilliant and the seamless flow of music keeps me listening.” Other well known BBC DJs who have publicly praised us include Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music) who recommended his listeners go and visit the website after he interviewed me in 2013 and Fiona Talkington (BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction), also a keen fan of the site who has featured artists based on our recommendations to her.

Our review team are the best, it goes without saying they are also big music lovers, rather than write about music they don’t like they focus on good music that they want to share with others. Alongside the extensive news, interviews, sessions, exclusive features and non-stop radio this makes Folk Radio UK the ideal one-stop-shop for all your Folk, Roots and Amerciana needs. We also have a Folk Music Store!

Folk Radio UK’s Radio Channels:

Our main channel is unlike any other radio station and follows no conventional approach. It offers variety from classics to rare tracks and plenty of new music to discover…we play what we love.

We also have a feature channel on the leading music streaming service Deezer with whom Folk Radio UK partnered in 2012, like our main channel we play what we like. Read more about this on our ‘listen page‘.

There is also a variety of on-demand content including themed mixes and artist showcases.

If you would like to join our review team click here for more information.

note: Although we try to review as many albums as we can we are not able to review every submission we receive. Also, we do not charge for our reviews or introductions.

Some Press Quotes

IMHO Folk Radio UK is the dogs furry bollix……there’s so much stuff on the site that is brilliant and the seamless flow of music keeps me listening.

Mike Harding of BBC Radio 2

back-to-back music of the most gentle, serene sort, and a marvellous companion for a few hours

The Guardian radio & TV critic Elisabeth Mahoney

best radio station there is..no DJ waffle!!

Henry Priestman (The Christians)

…the perfect antidote for the constant surge of electronic pulses of today’s modern sounds. Tune in and immerse yourself in the strumming of guitar strings for once. This excellent station provides the purest and prettiest pieces that modern folk music has to offer.
Société Perrier

Listener Quotes

Keep up the good work guys! Thanks to you my working day doesn’t feel so much like work these days. Leo Clarke

I listen to radio the way I did as a kid again. With enthusiasm… You do indeed rock… Duncan O’ Cleirigh

why is there nothing like you on this side of the Atlantic? you’re the highland park to our johnny walker. Nels Andrews (American folk singer)


If you are an artist and want to be considered for review then please contact us at:


Please make sure you include website details of where we can hear your tunes but please don’t send any mp3 files. A biography or some background is also helpful. We try to listen to all artists and if we think your music is suitable we’ll get back in touch. Due to high volumes we cannot respond to everyone who makes a submission…we’re not being rude…we just don’t have enough hours in the day.


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Alex Gallacher (Founder and Editor-in-chief)