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Introducing: Darby Wilcox

Introducing: Darby Wilcox

by on 6 February, 2014

in Introducing

Darby Wilcox hails from Greenville, South Carolina, she has played in other bands such as O Melo Cello Tree and Adele Cotton before striking out for bold new solo territory where she has really come into her own. That ever so slight gravelled lower vocal register strikes those big emotive chords that she can turn and twist at will projecting love, ache and coldness…she sure knows how to use it as you can hear below on ‘Cold’ and the sultry curled lip delivery on ‘Bitch’.

Both of the above tracks feature on her EP ‘She Took To The Sea’. She cites the likes of Cat Power, The Shins, Elliott Smith and Pedro the Lion as influences, the more I know the more I like. A name to watch for 2014.


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