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Song of the Day: Wes Tirey - False Idols

Wes Tirey – False Idols

by on 30 August, 2013

in Song of the Day

North Carolina based singer-songwriter Wes Tirey has released a new three-track EP titled ‘False Idols’. Recorded on a Panasonic RQ2102 cassette recorder in his apartment in Black Mountain, NC the songs have a wonderful lo-fi sound that give his vocals that distance of time you hear on those early Alan Lomax recordings or Dylan’s Gaslight Tapes. The title track False Idols is our Song of the Day. If you like it then go and get the EP, it’s just $1 (or more) and proceeds will help fund his January 2014 Italian tour.

I know your lovers are many
I used to be one
I know your tricks are plenty
I even showed you some
Step into the light
There is nothing to hide from

Your secrets aren’t skin deep
I can see them
Keep your dress of, dear
I like to look at them
Though my idols are false
I still worship them

I know your body isn’t pure
I’ve tasted it
I know your time isn’t precious
You’ve wasted it
I know your love isn’t perfect
Yet I’ve prayed for it


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