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Deezer Launches Free Music Service & Unveils Deezer4Artists

Deezer Launches Free Music Service & Unveils Deezer4Artists

by on 9 January, 2013

in Folk Music News

As many of you will know from our previous announcements Folk Radio UK partnered with Deezer the leading music subscription service. As well as featuring our reviews which are viewed by millions that use the service we also have a radio channel on their service which you can listen to for free here.

The good news is that Deezer have yet again stepped up the pace with the launch of a new ad-supported music streaming service in the UK which is free to use. They also unveiled Deezer4Artists (D4A), a unique new platform that will redefine the relationship between artists and music fans worldwide.

The New Free Service

The new ad-funded free service has been launched in more than 150 countries. This will extend Deezer’s potential reach to 600 million users. It also marks another important moment in Deezer’s evolution, as the company achieves 3 million paying subscribers who, on average, listen to 60 hours of music per month.

The new service will will offer users in a discovery period of one year of unlimited ad-supported, free listening on PCs and laptops. Users can also try a 30-day trial of Premium+ with mobile activation (great for mobile and tablet users). In addition, Deezer will offer music fans in the UK two hours per month of free listening on PCs and laptops for life, once their discovery period is over.

Folk Radio UK also uses album widgets from Deezer to allow full streaming of albums that we review and we will be bringing exclusive playlists and other features in the near future, so don’t miss out! Sign up for free here.

Axel Dauchez, Deezer’s CEO commented, “Deezer has a proven track record of profitability and sustainability. Now we’re embarking upon the next stage in our journey towards becoming known to households around the world. Our ad-supported service is a necessary trigger to drive global change by bringing music subscription to mass audiences worldwide. Our aim here is to encourage music fans to try us, driving ad-supported service listeners to switch to paid subscription over time. Once they have properly experienced Deezer, people do not go back.”

Deezer4Artists (D4A): reinventing artist – fan connection

The D4A program was launched in November and offers great services to artists and labels who are looking to use the ever broadening Deezer platform to promote their music.

As well as analytics that give valuable demographic insights into who is listening to their music, artists will be given a certified account visible on Deezer which will allow fans to follow and interact with them as well as discover their playlists, news, concerts and listening habits. Artists will be able to customise their pages as well as link them to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. An uploader for content will also be provided allowing the hosting of audio exclusive content.

Deezer is continuing to forge ahead with new and innovative ideas that will engage fans with artists they love as well improving artist discovery. In early 2013, Deezer’s editorial teams will select and champion artists who will be offered special promotional packages specifically designed to help support them at different stages of their career. This will give chosen artists tremendous support and visibility, and builds on editorial teams’ existing ability to highlight and recommend musicians using their expertise and passion.

Dauchez added: “The long term value of music relies on rebuilding the quality of the relationship between the artists and their fans. We are thrilled to be using technological innovation to forge a deeper link between the two.”

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