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Introducing: Will Knox

Introducing: Will Knox

by on 15 October, 2012

in Introducing

Despite hailing from Hammersmith, London, it was the sleepless city of New York that was to inspire Will Knox’s debut album ‘The Matador and the Acrobat‘ (2009). Like a sponge he soaked up those late night forays which exposed another side of the city. Will Knox’s alt-folk creations carry an aura of brightness and optimism to the dark and strange underworld he found so fascinting.

These journeys have led him to some of the more unusual and hidden corners such as the asylum on Roosevelt Island which inspired his 2011 five track EP ‘Lexicon’ on which he took the innovative step of combining the EP with a Comic book…Knox’s lyrics became bedfellow to the artwork of Robin Ha along with a printed download code for the album. That concept was recently taken further and has now been released as a free iPad & iPhone App.

Will Knox is now back in the UK working on a new album, as well as co-writing for a number of diverse projects. Most recently Will penned the lyrics to Sami Yusuf’s single ‘Forgotten Promises’, a collaboration with the World Food Programme aimed at raising money to help WFP sustain and scale-up its humanitarian operations in the Horn of Africa.

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Photo Credit: Mike Howard

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