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Introducing: David Wax Museum

Introducing: David Wax Museum

by on 2 August, 2012

in Introducing

David Wax Museum are not that well known in the UK although in the US they have been hailed by TIME for their “virtuosic musical skill and virtuous harmonies”. The core of the band is made up of David Wax and Suz Slezak who normally perform with multi-instrumentalist Greg Glassman although their numbers occasionally grow. Their success is partly down to their original sound which fuses traditional Mexican folk with American roots and indie rock which gives them a unique but obviously palatable sound judging by the great press they get. The other part of their success is down to their endearing qualities and ability to connect to an audience when performing. Sean Moeller of Daytrotter described them as “…generous and caring folks. They sound as such on their records as well, albums that blend the difference between a smaller staffed Calexico and the Bowerbirds, cutting into souls (made up and very real) and extracting heartache that sounds like rejoicing and vice versa.”

They have a new album out in September titled ‘Knock Knock Get Up‘, the funds for which were raised through Pledge Music and money donated by fans. The album is already sounding great which will be peppered through with field recordings and natural sounds from the city of Santiago, Tuxtla in the Mexican state of Veracruz adding that extra authenticity.

They recently went on a trip to Shanghai where they were invited by Shanghai University as Cultural Amabasadors, the irony of which did not escape Suz Slezak who said she doesn’t know a lot about American culture as she was brought up with no TV and without going to school. You can watch the mini documentary below:

Other Tracks

from Billsville House Concert:


Photo Credit: Todd Roeth

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