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The Northwestern Series: Adam Leonard

New Record Label: The Northwestern Series

by on 11 May, 2012

in Folk Music News

The Northwestern Series is a new independent record label based in Manchester, England. Just as you’d expect from Folk Police Recordings this new sister label promises to offer some unique and magical offerings to those that like to seek out rare musical gems. In an attempt to give a flavour of what they are about they have listed an oddments page of inspiration which features artists that you will know and love if you follow Folk Radio UK from Steve Ashley to the recordings of Bill Leader.

Their first release is: PENDLE 001: ADAM LEONARD Nature Recordings

Adam’s music incorporates elements of folk, psychedelia and electronic music drawing inspiration from the likes of Roy Harper to Robin Hitchcock to the Incredible String Band. He has also collaborated with Folk Radio UK favourite the Owl Service on their album A View From a Hill. More recently he wrote the soundtrack music for Claudia Heindel’s award winning independent film, Lucky Seven.

The CD is released as a hand-numbered limited edition of 300. The artwork and packaging is equally enticing.

“His singing and songs are imbued with the same wonderful eccentric characteristics as people like Roy Harper and Michael Chapman, but in a similar fashion to the aforementioned greats, he never loses sight of ‘the song’ in a quest to be quirky. In other words, he’s what all good singer/songwriters should be in an age when so few are.”

Steven Collins, The Owl Service

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