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Nic Jones to receive Gold Badge Award of the EFDSS

Nic Jones to receive Gold Badge Award of the EFDSS

by on 10 May, 2012

in Folk Music News

Nic Jones is a name that is familiar to not just those that first saw him perform with his band The Halliard but also a whole new generation of folk singers whose music he has inspired well after the accident that cut his career short 30 years ago.

Nic is to receive the Gold Badge Award of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. The award is given for unique or outstanding contributions to folk music, dance or song, distinguished service to the Society and/or exceptional contributions to the Society’s work. To commemorate this event and the legacy Nic has provided he will be joined by his son Joe, and many of his friends from the folk world in a special performance on 22 September at Cecil Sharp House, London.

There will be a reunion of his band The Halliard, plus performances from special guests including Jim Moray, and a pre-show panel discussion chaired by Colin Irwin about Nic’s enduring influence and popularity. An un-missable event for Nic Jones fans.

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