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Phillip Roebuck & Morgan O'Kane

Introducing: Phillip Roebuck & Morgan O’Kane

by on 24 February, 2012

in Introducing

I posted a video of Phillip Roebuck (pictured above)on our Facebook page the other evening…although his music is very familiar to me I realise he may not be to many of you. I also met a good friend of his in 2010 Open House Festival in Belfast: Morgan O’Kane…he was the star of every late evening at the hotel bar where he entertained everyone non-stop. So I’m posting this to do their music the justice it deserves….Enjoy!

This video still does it for me even though I’ve probably watched it a hundred times. The fact that it was filmed on a Mitchell hand-crank 35mm camera seems very fitting.

Little Bo Peep

Performing with Rocky Capizzi

Morgan O’Kane

Morgan O’Kane knows Phillip well and he also came to fame through busking on the streets of New York. His very tall friend Ferd Moyse stands out in a crowd but these two can party all night long! Morgan is also an activist who has kept his connection to his Appalachian home and its issues, taking part in the campaign to ban mountaintop removal mining, which destroys the land and the people who live on it. Check out: www.mountainjustice.org He also created the sound track for the documentary film, Low Coal, which addresses the coal mining industry in Appalachia. The film, like the music Morgan makes honours the traditions of the Appalachian region but addresses the current struggles faced.

I’m sure after watching the following video many of you will understand why he was the highlight of many a late night for me…he’s like an oldtimer folk legend back from the dead.

Morgan O'Kane

Morgan O'Kane

Go and check out their music:


Morgan O’Kane will be in London in June:

Thursday 28 June 2012
Morgan O’Kane
Venue: The Borderline Orange Yard W1D 4JB London, UK


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