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May 2011

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What’s Been Playing on FRUK

Folk Music News 31 May 2011

It’s been a while since we shared a playlist so here is what played out yesterday on Folk Radio UK. This isn’t all our music but it will give you a taster of the breadth of what we play. We have a whole heap of new music waiting to be included, a large amount of which will be added this week.

Live Review: The Tallest Man on Earth

Live Review: The Tallest Man on Earth – Cologne

Live Reviews 26 May 2011

Read Judith’s live Cologne review of The Tallest Man on Earth: The set features intense and assertive moments as much as reserved and tender ones, always reassuring the spectator that they are part of a wonderful evening that will stick with them.

Live Review: Alela Diane @ Scala

Live Review: Alela Diane @ Scala

Live Reviews 25 May 2011

Alela Diane has proven herself capable of a somewhat reinvention whilst never shedding her roots, and while her voice dazzled in its powerful country twangs and intonations, it was often the softer spoken plaintive tones that resonated more deeply.

The Balearic Folk Orchestra

Introducing: The Balearic Folk Orchestra

Introducing 24 May 2011

The Balearic Folk Orchestra came about as a result of a conversation about what makes a great house track. Now, together with a group of like-minded friends including Serafina Steer and Olivia Chaney, they re-interpret classic acid house tunes and balearic beats in an acoustic style.

Celebrating Bob Dylan

Folk Music News 24 May 2011

Today is Bob Dylan’s 70th Birthday. So without getting too over-sentimental and expansive about the whole thing I’ve put together a heap of tracks that I’ve enjoyed as well a few rare or less heard tracks which will playout from today.

The Felice Brothers - Celebration, Florida

The Felice Brothers – Celebration, Florida

Album Reviews 23 May 2011

Give The Felice Brothers ‘Celebration, Florida’ a consistent dose of straight-through plays and you have probably their best album to date. It is both broad, unplaceable and still somehow retentive of their beginnings.

Seeker Lover Keeper

Introducing: Seeker Lover Keeper

Folk Music News 23 May 2011

Sally Seltman, Holly Throsby and Sarah Blasko make up the dream combo ‘Seeker Lover Keeper’. Their debut album is released in June, watch their latest album introducing videos.

Gregory Alan Isakov - In Session

Exclusive: Gregory Alan Isakov – FRUK Session

Features 20 May 2011

Anyone familiar with Gregory Alan Isakov will have experienced the magical silken threaded balance he uses to engage the listener. With a UK Tour in June it was too good an opportunity to miss so we got him to record a session for us.