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by on 29 March, 2010

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I came across LITTLEgiants recently when trawling through myspace one night. What appealed to me was that they didn’t have that all too common over-produced sound you often hear today, instead they had a sound I love that dates back to a bygone era when bands sang around one microphone. They cover a blend of old time, blues, country, bluegrass, rockabilly and just about anything else “as long as it’s raw”.

They are not from the US, but from UK (Sowerby Bridge in the North West), so all you booking agents have no excuse!

Little Hurricane
[audio:http://www.box.net/shared/static/9fvorfxf93.mp3|titles=Little Hurricane|artists=LITTLEgiants]

Coo coo Bird
[audio:http://www.box.net/shared/static/d7shknt9qe.mp3|titles=Coo coo Bird|artists=LITTLEgiants]

LITTLEgiant was the creation of husband and wife duo, Martin and Ruth Nutall. However, it was the addition of upright bass in the talented hands of morley Hilton and Andy Greaves on the devil’s mandolin and guitar that began to make things shape and form into their current day creation. With the magical ingredients of banjo, guitar, harmonica, accordion, slap bass and mandolin they bring back a golden era when music was more important than the TV.

Not surpisingly, they have caught the attention of others such as Emily Barker and Red Clay Halo who they have supported. The release of “Welcome to Our House”, a 5 track EP is just the beginning. I can guarantee they will be big and with good honest music like this you will be seeing them on the festival circuit throughout the UK!

You can catch them on our Rootie Channel!

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